Clean Start Weight Loss

Weight loss program delivers results in just six weeks

This medically supervised weight loss program is called the Clean Start Program. 

The program involoves injections, a reduced calorie diet and supplements to induce weight loss. The program is set up to last six weeks, but can be shortened or extended to meet your weight loss goal.  While on the program you will meet weekly with the Registered Nurse or Medical Doctor.  The program is designed to jump start you, and with added support of the Envision Team, the program is a successful way for you to loss weight . Patients who stick to the program and the recommended calories per day lose weight faster and experience better results and report feeling less hungry. All treatments and recommendations included in this program take place under medical supervision. Meal replacements are available.

Clean Start Weight loss program offered at Envision Medical Spa

Clean Start Weight Loss program includes:

The cost of this treatment program is $1,110 +GST or $185/week +GST for six weeks

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