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The ZO® SKIN HEALTH stimulator peel, or The Red-Carpet Peel as it is affectionally called by its celebrity fans - from Hollywood actresses, actors, model, musicians to the rest of the glitterati - works miracles in minutes. 

This quick and easy treatment can be done in a lunch hour to miraculously lessen the appearance of moderate lines and wrinkles, acne, age spots, uneven pigmentation and improve skin texture. No downtime, peeling or redness afterwards; just healthy, naturally glowing skin.

There may be a gentle flaking 2-3 days after the peel, but most patients report that this is barely noticeable. 

These medical peels contain high performance, pharmaceutical ingredients such as papain, bromelain enzymes, and glycolic acid, as well as broccoli extract, sunflower seed pol and safflower seed oil.

Due to the powerful pharmaceutical nature of the ingredients contained within ZO® Medical Peel products, they are only available from approved physicians on a consultation basis.

A single peel will see results, but maximum benefits can be achieved with a series of three to four peels carried out at two-week intervals. Using the Ossential peel with other ZO® SKIN HEALTH products and regimes makes it even more effective, but it can be used on its own for great results.

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