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Bariatrix Nutrition

Bariatrix food products are a great tasting way to get the nutrition you need while participating in the Clean Start Weight Loss diet and weight loss program. They can also be a nutritious part of your everyday health-concious lifestyle. Based on solid principles of food science, these meal supplements were developed by a team of biochemists and food engineers who are dedicated to creating great tasting, healthy, functional food products that are packed with protein, vitamins and other nutrients. Envision Medical Spa has a comprehensive selection of nutritional products, something to satisfy every palate.

Be sure to try our Bariatrix Salty Caramel Pretzels!


Ready-To-Serve Drinks

Try this handy, low-sucrose, low-calorie option to ready-made supermarket shakes and puddings. Ready-To-Serve DrinksDrink Flavours:
 Chocolate and Vanilla    

Pudding Flavours: Chocolate and Vanilla
Package size: Package of 6 drink boxes
Protein: 15 grams
Carbohydrate: 6 grams or less
Fat: 4 grams or less
Calories: 110

Baritrix Proti-Bars

The ideal anytime treat which can help control net carbohydrate intake. These popular bars diminish the urge for sweets.

Proti-BarsFlavors: Caramel Nut,  Caramel Delight, Vanilla Peanut, Chocolate Peanut, Chocolate Decadence
Package size: Box of 7 bars Protein: 15 grams Carbohydrate: 14-16 grams

Fat: 4-6 grams Calories: 150-160 utritionals: For complete nutrition facts and ingredients click here.


Proti-Snax Soy Sweet Snacks

Tasty grab 'n' go munchies to satisfy your sweet tooth but still adhere to your weight loss plans.

Sweet Soy SnacksFlavors: Peanut Butter
Package Size: Box of 7 sachets.
Protein: 15 grams
Carbohydrate: 11 grams
Fat: 6 grams
Calories: 160

Proti-Snax Soy Savoury Snacks

A fast, convenient, munchable that provides a salty treat to your weight loss program.

Savory Soy SnacksFlavors: BBQ
Package Size: Box of 7 sachets.
Protein: 15 grams
Carbohydrate: 7-8
Fat: 3.5 grams
Calories: 120



Best Quality Skin Care Products from Envision


ZO Skin Health 

As we age, skin loses its ability to renew itself. By age 30, most cells become inactive and will not function properly. When this occurs, skin gets dull, dry, weaker, thinner and sensitive. Dr. Zein Obagi hopes that ZO® products will replace the outdated skin care regimens most consumers currently follow.

Reversing cellular damage requires (1) an ingredient to activate and awaken skin cells, (2) nutrients to nourish the cells, and (3) antioxidants to protect skin cells from further damage. ZO® Skin Health products contain:

In his practice, Dr. Zein Obagi has found that ZO® Skin Health products will make skin strong, healthy and keep it looking and acting younger.



Jane Iredale

Experience the Jane Iredale difference.

"Our minerals bind together upon application so they resist running,creasing and smearing.  Pure mineral pigment with no fillers and no parabens form an effective barrier on the skin allowing it to breath and function normally.  Non-comedegenic and does not block pores this product has anti-inflammatory ingredients which contribute to your skin's health."

Six Jane Iredale products have earned The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation.  To earn this seal, a manufacturer must provide scientific data showing that its products sufficiently and safely aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin.



Jan Marini

Professional strength skin hydration and remediation

Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. (JMSR) has been a recognized leader and innovator in skin care since 1985 and is committed to continually expanding and improving skin care products for the professional market. JMSR's twin focuses are to deliver innovative solutions with quantifiable results and an unshakable commitment to the needs of their customers. Envision Medical Spa is your source for these effective, face-saving products. Call today for a complete list of our current Jan Marini selections.



Effective lash growth by perscription only

latisse5For the lashes you've always dreamed of. Latisse is a safe, effective treatment that has been shown to grow longer, fuller, more luxurious eyelashes. Latisse is the only prescription eyelash product approved in Canada to grow your natural eyelashes longer, fuller and darker. You'll see visible results in 4-8 weeks and notice the full, dramatic effect in 12-16 weeks. Flexible payment plans on request.



Canadian-made lash and brow volumizer

EyEnvyEyenvy is another proven lash and brow product available at Envision which fosters new hair growth, shaft lengthening and a significant increase in volume to achieve the thick, rich eyelashes you desire. For more in-depth information regarding this 100% Canadian product, check out our exclusive blog here.

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