Envision Treatments for Your Face

Envision: No facial lines. No facial hair. No facial blemishes.

Face Map to ID problem areas, set skincare goals

At Envision Medical Spa, we believe the first and most important step in skin rejuvenation is for you to know your own skin, examine what you see, identify problem areas and determine your goals. We offer a complimentary, private consultation to give you the opportunity to discuss those goals and your options before committing to any course of treatment. Together, we can devise a plan of action for a skincare solution that exposes your true beauty.

Envision Medical Spa has top quality products and procedures for the face you seek

What does the face in your mirror wish to fix?


Lose Facial Lines Attack Acne Outbreaks  Unwanted Hair Regain Facial Firmness Fuller Lashes


Envision Medical Spa in Leduc is part of the Brilliant Distinctions reward program; a Canadian-Only program that offers great savings when using such popular products such as:




Our knowledgeable clinicians can explain how you can earn rewards while enhancing health and wellness.

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