Therapies for Better Mental Wellness

Envision Medical Spa is well known in the region for providing medically-approved and monitored face and figure therapies but they also offer help for those with conditions that affect the mind, though they may have a physical cause.

Botox for Migraine

We all know Botox injections are widely used for relaxing facial areas to prevent or relieve facial lining and brow furrows but did you know this amazing product has been approved for use in the treatment of soul-crushing migraine headaches? A consultation with one of Envision's certified specialists may determine if this revolutionary solution is your best option for migraine relief.



Botox for Excess Perspiration

It may also come as a surprise to many that Botox has been proven to help treat symptoms of excessive underarm perspiration (severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis) in adults when the other topical medicinal solutions have not been effective enough. A discreet discussion with an Envision consultant can reveal if this therapy is appropriate for your unique circumstance.



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