Envision: Your Face With Smooth, Even, Firmness


Syneron Gentle Max Pro

Skin tightening treatment Skin tightening treatment

Syneron technology combines bi-polar radio frequency and light energies to precisely and safely heat the dermal tissue within the target area. This treatment stimulates the production of collagen, which has a firming effect on lax skin. You will notice a reduction in fine wrinkles and a lifting of your skin. Your skin's texture will become smoother, more luminous and toned.
Results are cumulative and will become more noticeable as you continue through your personalized treatment schedule.


Sublative RejuvenationSublative Rejuvenation

Achieve a more youthful look with eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation, a technology that effectively treats mild to moderate wrinkles, spots and textural irregularities. During your sessions, energy is directed at the skin to form a matrix of dots. Healthy skin around the dots accelerates the healing process as new collagen and skin cells are produced. Your skin becomes smoother and the appearance of wrinkles and superficial discolourations are reduced.
eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation has also been proven as an effective treatment for acne scars.Treatment is safe for more skin types. Typical protocol is three treatments, 4-6 weeks apart, but you and your doctor can discuss the appropriate number of treatments necessary for your skin condition.

Syneron Gentle Max Pro (Restoration)

Laser skin rejuvenationLaser skin rejuvenation

Safely, gently and effectively fade the appearance of skin imperfections and uneven skin tones, including sun damage, rosacea, spider veins and age spots.
Other benefits of laser skin rejuvenation procedures include decreased pore size, improved skin texture and a brighter, fresher-looking complexion. Plus, this procedure requires little or no downtime!


Triniti total facial renewal

Pigmentation, firmness and de-liningPigmentation, firmness and de-lining

Triniti combines three face renewal applications into one comprehensive, innovative skin treatment solution. This is a complete skin care program for immediate, visible and long-lasting results. Colour correction, skin tightening and focussed dermal remodelling are performed sequentially, in three steps, during the same visit. Before treatment begins, you will have a private consultation with a medical professional to determine if this is the right program for you.
Envision Medical Spa's eMax multi application platform offers the full range of aesthetic treatments with one compact system, enabling the Triniti three-in-one solution.

Step 1: Colour Correction

Treat rosacea, sun spots, telangiectasia, poikiloderma and other conditions for a more even skin tone.

Step 2: Skin Tightening

Initially there is an immediate contraction of existing collagen fibres, followed by continuous reduction of laxity in the jowels, brow, neck and cheeks, thanks to delayed collagen remodelling response.

Step 3: Fractional Wrinkle Treatment effect

Heat conducted to collagen fibres stimulates a short term collagen contraction, followed by a long-term process of new collagen remodelling, facilitated by undamaged tissue. The Matrix IR treatment results in the improved appearance of facial and neck wrinkles.


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