A Peel Adds Appeal! Rediscover Facial Radiance

Envision Medical Spa in Leduc offers chemical peels which revitalize your skin.


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Our faces may be our fortune but facial skin has many enemies. Direct, unfiltered sunlight, the legendary dry Alberta air, blemishes, minor scarring, age, even pregnancy and other factors all contribute to such issues as:

  • Rough, scaly skin
  • Blemish scars 
  • Fine lines around eyes and mouth
  • Discolouration 
  • Age-related dullness
  • Loss of firmness

Luckily hope and help are available with a clinical procedure known as a "chemical peel". This popular, effective therapy involves applying a peeling agent to remove the very uppermost layers of epidermis revealing fresher, more evenly hued facial skin. 

But first, this important message

It's important to note wellness procedures which remove tissue should always be performed by well-trained, certified clinicians such as those at Envision Medical Spa in Leduc. This is no "home party" DIY activity.

What's it like?

The clinician will begin by doing a complete facial scrub to remove dirt and other impurities. Then one or more peeling agents will be carefully applied to your face to peel away the dead skin and foster the growth of new layers of healthy, smoother, blemish-reduced skin. Depending on the condition being treated, a peel may need to be repeated a number of times for optimal results or fewer, but deeper peels may be appropriate in specific situations. 

What are people saying about it?

Here are some chemical peel reviews which feature actual patients discussing their results from Real Self magazine:
"(I) am over the moon with what's going on with my skin it feels much softer and I can see the difference under the eyes as well" - Darren, Newcastle, UK


"I am so ecstatic with my results! I highly recommend this procedure."  - Laurie, Portland, OR


"Honestly best results I could have hoped for I have always worn so much makeup and now i can leave the house with bare minimum."  - Berni, Sydney, Aus


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