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CoolAdvantage - The Latest in CoolSculpting Body Shaping

For years, Envision Medical Spa has been using the patented, popular science of CoolSculpting® to help numerous clients significantly reduce stubborn fat deposits which tend to collect in certain parts of the body.  For those not familiar with ...
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ZO Healthy For Your Skin

Among the many anti-acne solutions available to Envision Medical Spa’s professional skin care therapists are a number of specialized products created by Dr. Zein Obagi, founder and medical director of ZO Skin Health Inc. Obagi, a fully-accredited, ...
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Microdermabrasion: The Nemesis of Facial Blemishes

Genesis Biosystems advanced microdermabrasion therapy for acne, fine lines, superficial age spots and other unsightly skin concerns offers a chemical and drug free way of reducing or even eliminating these serious issues. Unlike home treatments, this ...
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DermaFrac - The 4 in 1 Treatment for Acne Sufferers

Most of the unfortunate folks who are seriously affected by chronic acne episodes have invariably tried a number of drug store products to rid themselves of the affliction.  These over-the-counter nostrums may be well-intentioned but they rarely ...
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Acne - An Array of Options for Real Relief is Just a Call Away

For the afflicted, acne is no laughing matter. A common condition which can lead to pimples, cysts and other blemishes on the face and upper body, acne affects 1 in 5 Canadian women and an alarming 90% of our teens, according to this acne information ...
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Envision; The Natural Way to a Healthier, Happier Look

There is no minimum age, it seems, where people are free from the possibility of unwanted lines, acne  or other blemishes on their face. At every stage in life, there are biological impacts to our features that affect, not just our looks, but our ...
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The Wellness Report - True Tales of a Life-Enhancing Treatment

You are too young to be getting the wrinkles and crow’s feet that seem to be taking over the areas around your eyes and brow. You are contemplating freeing yourself from always-disappointing photos and your other appearance concerns by investigating ...
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Coolsculpting Lets You Lose Stubborn Fat with No Downtime, No Drugs, No Diet

There are many reasons why otherwise healthy, active men and women can experience a buildup of unwanted fat cells in certain areas such as the stomach, thighs and chin.  Fortunately, for health-conscious Leduc dwellers, there is an option that is ...
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Come to Envision Medical Spa for a Healthier, Happier, More Beautiful You - For Women & Men

Many people, notice imperfections in their features that make them hate the mirror.  Perhaps they see  frown furrows, crow’s feet, worry wrinkles or a forehead that was once smooth is no longer. Maybe their skin, is less elastic, and dry. ...
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"so helpful and friendly"
Brenda and the other ladies were so helpful and friendly! Even though I was nervous at first they made me feel very comfortable discussing my treatment options.

~ J V
"You have helped make me so proud of myself"
I have finally lost the extra weight I had been carrying around since I was in high school. Thanks, Envision! You have helped make me so proud of myself for going through with the hCG program!

~ L M
"I just love what CoolSculpting has done for my figure!"
I just love what CoolSculpting has done for my figure! I have been trying to lose bulges in "certain areas" for years and now, thanks to you guys, they're gone! I love you!

~ K F