EyEnvy is now at Envision – Another Option for Thicker Lashes and Brows

Introductions are in Order

EyeEnvy products are designed to stimulate lash and brow hair growth

EyEnvy has arrived at Envision Medical Spa! This amazing, Canadian-made product, uses natural vitamins, minerals and bio-peptides to lengthen, strengthen and thicken eyelashes and eyebrows. The company says they were initially interested in developing their eyelash follicle conditioner to help men and women who have faced eyelash and eyebrow thinning due to stress, illness or genetics. Introduced in 2009, EyEnvy has now become the most popular eyelash condition in Canada.

Easy to use

Applying the conditioner is super simple. In the morning, after thoroughly removing all traces of makeup and other contaminants from the eye area with a mild cleanser, a single stroke of the applicator along the base of each set of eyelashes is all that is required. Let it absorb for a couple of minutes and you're done!

How long do results take?

Within about three months you will see regrowth and new growth that noticeably enhances the volume of your lashes. Once you are satisfied with your eyelashes, you can maintain the fullness with eyEnvy morning treatments every second day.

Does it work?

According to the majority of reviews on the Internet, EyEnvy works exactly as advertised to give you fuller, richer eyelashes. For example, click the pic on the right to see an eight minute video review from "Jenn's Philosophy" about the great results EyEnvy offers.  Still not convinced? Here is a typical response posted recently from a middle-aged lady named "Beesie" on the Makeup Alley website:

"This stuff works!! It's as simple as that. I had extensions, and in the past I've let them grow out, only to find my lashes disappeared completely! Even after a year they hadn't grown back, so I was forced to keep doing extensions. I started using EyEnvy while waiting for the extensions to grow out, and the two overlapped...I could see new lashes growing while the extensions were disappearing. Within three weeks I had full lashes growing. And not just growing, but dark and curling upwards as well! I couldn't be happier with the product, I've even used it to fill in a sparse area of my eyebrows. I'm just up to the 3 month mark now and will start to use it less frequently as these are as long as I want my lashes to get. Awesome product!".  (Click here for the full review.)

"so helpful and friendly"
Brenda and the other ladies were so helpful and friendly! Even though I was nervous at first they made me feel very comfortable discussing my treatment options.

~ J V
"You have helped make me so proud of myself"
I have finally lost the extra weight I had been carrying around since I was in high school. Thanks, Envision! You have helped make me so proud of myself for going through with the hCG program!

~ L M
"I just love what CoolSculpting has done for my figure!"
I just love what CoolSculpting has done for my figure! I have been trying to lose bulges in "certain areas" for years and now, thanks to you guys, they're gone! I love you!

~ K F