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The Wellness Report: Botox

True Tales of a Life-Enhancing Treatment

Botox: not just for celebrities anymore!

You are too young to be getting the wrinkles and crow's feet that seem to be taking over the areas around your eyes and brow. You are contemplating freeing yourself from always-disappointing photos and your other appearance concerns by investigating whether Botox may be the right answer for you. Now you want to take that critical step from curiosity to commitment but are not sure how to go about it. Let Envision help guide the way.

How Can I Be Sure?

When we are faced with health and wellness issues, we are, of course, concerned about the effectiveness of various treatment options, even with proven products such as Botox. To allow any procedure we're considering into our comfort zone requires an understanding of the specific methods used, plus knowledge regarding the reputation and competency of the provider of the service in question. First-hand knowledge from those who have tried it, however, may be the most convincing information available.

Local Expertise with International EducationBotox

As far as competency is concerned, that is the easy part of this equation. Envision Medical Spa staff has all the training and accreditations necessary to skillfully perform such procedures as Botox Cosmetic.  As a medically-directed clinic, you can be assured your health and safety is the primary concern of Envision and all our therapies have been thoroughly investigated. Knowing this, however, does not provide a picture of what you can expect after the treatment stops and the results begin to set in. For that information, we rely on the personal experiences of others to inform us. Fortunately, for Botox clients, there is no shortage of wonderful, heartwarming stories of relief and joy this product has provided to the millions who have tried it.

The Word on the Street

As mentioned, it is through the hearing and sharing of personal experiences which carries the most weight for us with regard to building trust. This is why word of mouth advertising is the most effective means of building a brand. Fortunately, for truth-seekers, the Internet is packed with positive personal reflections on the effect which Botox treatments have had on countless lives.

Case in Point #1 - 18 Year-Old Andrew

When searching the web for stories of everyday folks' experience with Botox injections, there is no shortage of people who have had the treatment and wrote about their experiences. These people relate how they significantly improved their lives and their looks with a simple treatment that takes less than an hour to perform. Some of the accounts, however, really stand out. This tale of a troubled teen with early-onset forehead wrinkling published on the RealSelf website was particularly poignant. Facial lining is tragic enough, but when it occurs during teenage years, the issue transcends mere appearance improvement and becomes a critical mental health concern.

Case in Point #2 - A six-woman panel with ages ranging from 25 to 60

Among the more than a million Brits getting Botox annually were these six brave women; themselves in the health and beauty industry, with access to all the latest data regarding the procedure.  Armed with a great deal of foreknowledge, these ladies embraced Botox Cosmetic with their eyes wide open. Here are their stories.

Case in Point #3 - Four Hollywood stars who use it to work in a youth-oriented industryBotox isn't just for celebrities anymore!

One might think celebrities, whose face is their fortune, would be the most guarded about employing anything, including trusted Botox injections, to maintain their youthful image. There have been so many horrific tales of Hollywood facelifts gone wrong it seems apparent these women wouldn't have attempted it unless they were certain of a positive outcome. So, when Brooke Shields and other celebs such as Ugly Betty's Vanessa Williams, and lovely, Cuban-born MTV Veejay, Daisy Fuentes admit to using the procedure in uber-popular People Magazine, one needs to take note.

Everybody's doing it.

At one time, no celebrity would ever admit to having had "something done" for fear of compromising their career. Now, however, Botox and its legions of fans are enjoying the product's much-deserved limelight after years of hiding in the shadows. Many love to brag about the significant impact the treatments have had on their physical appearance and mental well-being. This is how Botox has built itself into a $2B+ industry which treats close to an estimated five million North Americans per year. What is truly impressive, however, is that of those millions, over 80% report significant, positive results within just a week of treatment. The only question that remains is, when will you make that call to change your life for the better?

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Author: Brenda Smith-Goddu

Envision Medical Spa owner Brenda Goddu has been employed in the medical field since 1994, after graduating as a registered nurse from the University of Alberta. She furthered her education with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) from the University of Phoenix. Brenda originally began Envision Medical Spa as a partnership but eventually became the sole proprietor of this popular Leduc-based business.