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Your New Look begins with an Envision Consultation

A woman with her finger to her lips symbolizing the discretion offered by Envision Medical Spa in Leduc

Many people, notice imperfections in their features that make them hate the mirror.  Perhaps they see  frown furrows, crow's feet, worry wrinkles or a forehead that was once smooth is no longer. Maybe their skin, is less elastic, and dry.   It could be that suddenly, hair that wasn't there not so long ago, is popping up in unexpected places.  Acne have you down?

We're Not Going to Take It

In the not-so-distant past, prior to the development of cutting edge weight-loss, health and beauty treatments like those offered at Envision, there was little one could do about how one looked. Whatever features we didn't like about ourselves, we had to live with it. From angst-causing acne, to unwanted lines, excess weight, make up and skincare products with tale, dye, fragrance and paraden.  The only treatment available was suffering in unhappy silence. 

That Was Then, This Is Now

Luckily for everyone!   There is new hope!

A single visit to Envision Medical Spa for a free consultation can illuminate pathways to health and self improvement you never dreamed were available. No matter what greets the face in your mirror it can  be treated with one of Envision's medically-tested, government-approved procedures.

Tell Me More!

Envision's specially-trained Medical team can help you identify the appearance problems that trouble you, and set a move forward plan that you will be thrilled with. Besides providing thoroughly tested techniques for safe, permanent cellulite reduction with CoolSculpting and other leading technologies, Envision can help with an amazing array of procedures to improve such skin conditions as:

  • Dry, itchy, skin from the arid Alberta climate
  • Spider-lines caused by broken blood vessels (rosacea)
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Unwanted hair
  • Volume loss
  • Dark circles and shadows 
"so helpful and friendly"
Brenda and the other ladies were so helpful and friendly! Even though I was nervous at first they made me feel very comfortable discussing my treatment options.

~ J V
"You have helped make me so proud of myself"
I have finally lost the extra weight I had been carrying around since I was in high school. Thanks, Envision! You have helped make me so proud of myself for going through with the hCG program!

~ L M
"I just love what CoolSculpting has done for my figure!"
I just love what CoolSculpting has done for my figure! I have been trying to lose bulges in "certain areas" for years and now, thanks to you guys, they're gone! I love you!

~ K F